Design Modification of Rapid Solidification Processing(RSP)

Project Overview

Melt spinning is a rapid solidification process that is used to produce refined, advanced, and new composite structures.The Rapid Solidification Process (RSP) usually uses one drum to produce the Al-Si material. Having one drum would produce inconsistent ribbons, where some of the ribbons could be damaged, as well as the molten itself, having one side (drum side) that is finer the other side (air side) because of not having contact with the drum. This project will require two rotating copper drums, and the melting system with a furnace.The system is consisted based on manufacturing design, where itmelts theAl-Simaterials in the form of ribbons, and heat transfer,that will occur between the melting system and the molten, where the furnace will provide a high amount of heat to melt the Al-Si materials to form the alloys. The reason it requires two drums, is to provide consistency in finishing, where the molten will have both sides go through the drums.

Project Objectives

  • Designing a furnace to melt the Al-Si.
  • Designing a melt-spinning prototype using two drums.
  • Melting the Al-Si alloys to allow the RSP to take place
  • Chopping the ribbons to flakes for various utilizations