Research and Publications
Our faculty members have actively performed research and development in various civil engineering fields including structural engineering, environmental engineering, and geotechnical engineering. Dr. Andi Asiz and Eng. Danish Ahmed have led research in the area of structural engineering covering: finite element modeling and analysis of structural systems and components, structural performance of hybrid and composite construction for tall buildings, non-linear concrete behaviors under dynamic loads, earthquake performance assessment of existing buildings and structures, and structural health monitoring of public infrastructures. In the environmental engineering areas, Dr. Omar Ouda has led research activities dealing with managing water resources and waste water in Saudi Arabia, particularly in the Eastern Province regions. In the geotechnical engineering area, Dr. Tahar Ayadat has developed research activities covering: behavior of difficult soils and foundation, performance of stone column foundations, deterioration of highways and roadways of flexible pavements, slope stability, instrumentation for soil testing, extraction of contaminated soils and stabilization, and stability of sand-bentonies liners.

Publications related to those research topics can be seen in the civil engineering faculty links.