Research & Publications

Dr. Ammar Elhassan

  • Electrocardiogram based methodology for computing of Coronary Sinus Pressure, 2011, Alzubaidi L, El Hassan A, Al Ghazo J, IJCSI 2011; ISSN: 1694-0814 Vol. 8, Issue 3, pp.382-386.
  • Computation of Coronary Sinus Pressure Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
  • Modeling and Synthesis of Human Insulin Secretion Mechanism Using CAD IAENG IMECS 2012 - International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2012 (IMECS 2012). Conference proceeding published by IAENG (ISBN: 978-988-19251-1-4).
  • Using CAD to Model and Synthesize Human Insulin Secretion Mechanism Canadian Journal on Biomedical Engineering & Technology Vol. 3 No. 2, February 2012.
  • Automatic Service and Protection Path Computation - A Multiplexing Approach, 2012, The 13th International Conference on Internet Computing (Las Vegas - US ).

Dr. Abul Bashar

Journals Articles and peer reviewed conferences:
  • A. Bashar, G.P. Parr, S.I. McClean, B.W. Scotney, D. Nauck, " Performance Analysis of Bayesian Networks-based Distributed Call Admission Control for NGN," in Proc. of 5th IEEE/IFIP Workshop on Distributed Autonomous Network Management System (DANMS 2012), Hawaii, USA, pp. 1214-1220, 16-20 April, 2012.
  • A. Bashar, "BNITE: Bayesian Networks-Based Intelligent Traffic Engineering for Energy-Aware NGN," in Proc. of Springer LNCS CCIS series, 4th International Conference on Networked Digital Technologies (NDT 2012),  Dubai, UAE, Vol. 293, Part 3, pp. 146-160, 24-26 April, 2012.
  • Mohammed Fazil Ali, Abul Bashar and Ahmed Muhammad Barnawi, , "Performance Analysis Framework to Optimize Storage Infrastructure for Cloud Computing," in Proc. of 2nd International Conference on the Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2012),  Casablanca, Morocco, 18-20 Sept., 2012.

Dr. Ghassen Ben Brahim

Publications (Selected):
  • "Distributed topology control in large-scale hybrid RF/FSP networks: SIMT GPU-based particle swarm optimization approach", Osama Awwad, Ala Al-Fuqaha, Ghassen Ben Brahim, Bilal Khan, Ammar Rayes, International Journal of Communication Systems, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISSN-1099-1131, November 22, 2011.
  • "Topology Control Schema for Better QoS in Hybrid RF/FSO Mesh Networks", Osama Awwad, Ala Al-Fuqaha, Bilal Khan, Ghassen Ben Brahim, IEEE Transactions on Communications , John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISSN-0090-6778, Vol 60, Issue 5, May 2012.

N. M. Felemban, D. Düştegö

Recent Publications:
  • Usage of Solar Energy in Residential Areas: How Ready are Saudis for this Transition, In the Proc. of the 3rd Scientific Conference for Higher Education Students in Saudi Arabia.