Restaurant Service System (RSS)

Project Overview

This project is about designing a robot that provides typical services to a restaurant. The robot consists of subsystems to have it act as a waiter delivering the meals to a designated table. The structure of restaurant service system (RSS) enables the robot to carry the food in a plate from the kitchen after receiving the order through a created ordering system to the assigned table using the line following technique and through the use of a pixy camera. Throughout two phases which are Design Methodology and Assessment III courses at Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, the team members are able to complete the task successfully starting from literature search, acquitting components, and testing, integrating and assembling the subsystems.

Project Objectives

  • Autonomous meal delivery robot that carries the meals from the restaurant kitchen to the designated tables.
  • The order from the robot via tablet then, relayed back to the restaurant kitchen.
  • Orders when prepared are dispatched from the restaurant kitchen to the designated tables.


Restaurant Service System


Restaurant Service System