Robot Bolt Cleaner

Project Overview

The world today heavily relies on fossil fuels for power consumption. Each and every day the demand keeps increasing but the supply is only available in a limited quantity. It is only a matter of time that fossil fuels will be completely used up and no longer available. Thus, a lot of research and experimentation is being done in various fields, which rely on fossil fuels, to come up with alternatives. Transportation is one area that uses a lot of fossil fuels and it needs to be addressed quickly. One area of interest is powering motorbikes using pneumatic systems. Pneumatic systems are those that work with pressurized air as their source of fuel. The objective of this project is to design a pneumatic powered engine for bicycles. Contrary, to motorbikes the purpose is to get boosted power (thrust) only for limited period oftime when required. Examples may include doing uphill cycling, carrying extraweight, closing in to the finishing line in racing, etc. The project mainly involves proper selection of power generator (engine), air tank, pneumatic hose, and airregulator. Design and modification of adapters, camshaft, and finally the proper installation of parts on bicycle are also salient features of the project. The ultimate goal is to have a green environment by reducing emission gasses and reducing the reliance of fossil fuels.

Project Objectives

The following are the objectives for the project:
  • To design a pneumatic powered engine for a bicycle
  • Designed to achieve a thrust when operated