Self Maintained Solar Tracker

Project Overview

Common weight scales cannot assess body composition or determine fat mass and fat-free mass that make up the body weight. This research proposes bio-impedance analysis (BIA) tool capable to body composition assessment. This tool uses t electrodes, two of which are used for 50-100 kHz sine wave current flow to the body and the rest are used to measure the voltage produced by the body for impedance analysis. Parameters such as height, weight, age, and gender are provided individually. These parameters together with impedance measurements are then in the process to produce a body fat percentage. The experimental result shows impressive repeatability for successive measurements. Moreover, result on the hand to hand node scheme reveals average absolute difference of total subjects between two analyzer tools of (fat mass) with maximum absolute discrepancy.

Project Objectives

  • To show that tracking systems are more efficient that fixed ones.
  • To show that self-cleaning will improve the solar reliability and efficiency.
  • To make the solar panel automatically controlled by RTC to follow Sun’s trajectory during the day (in case of LDR failure).