Senior Design Projects

Students in the EE department are required to successfully complete a senior design project in the final year of their undergraduate studies in order to graduate.

Senior design projects provide students with an opportunity to put in practice what they have learnt. Students gain significant experience in developing, designing, prototyping, and verifying their design. They also acquire in-depth skills in project management. Each senior project is executed by a group of three students. Students can either choose a project from the published list of senior design projects by senior design project coordinators or submit their own projects to the coordinators for an official approval.  A faculty advisor will be assigned to each design project to supervise and guide the project throughout its duration.

The major stages of the senior design projects are: identification of requirements, design, implementation, and testing and verification. Students are required to prepare and submit a project proposal which is subject to approval of the project coordinator. Once the proposal is approved, students start their project work. Progress of the project is tracked through bi-weekly status reports and one progress report. At the end of the project students are required to demonstrate a functional prototype of their design, submit a comprehensive final report, and make an oral presentation to an audience.

The senior design project is comprised of the following two courses:

EEEN 4311: Design Methodology and Project Management (Senior Design I)

This course presents an overview of engineering design and project management principles required to successfully plan, design and execute an engineering project. It is also meant to prepare students for ASSE 4311: Learning Outcome Assessment III, the senior design project (Capstone) for engineering majors. Its subject matter is the entire product design process including project planning, quality function deployment, design specification, concept generation and selection, system and subsystem design, the role of engineering economics, the profession’s codes and standards, and project management.

ASSE 4311: Learning Outcome Assessment III (Senior Design II)

This is the second and concluding part of the final year senior design project (Capstone) which requires students to complete a design project from concept through to a working prototype. Students work in groups of three and apply the knowledge they have acquired to demonstrate their mastery of the discipline through a well-executed project.