Smart Autonomous Car

Project Overview

An energy meter is a device used to monitor the electricity utilization/consumption. Meters The world today suffers from a mass issue due to increased gas emissions that is seen due to carbon emissions from cars. Moreover, people with disabilities necessitate the addition of “smart electric cars” to the working market. Due to the magnitude of the problem that gas emissions present, leading companies like Mercedes with “The Smart Car” idea have already released patents. The cars can cater to motorist desires along with environmental benefits. However, with the addition of smart electric cars, the problem of gas emissions persists, as the car cannot travel to distant places with a single charge.
Moreover, the electric source around the world and in Saudi Arabia still relies on methods that lead to increased carbon emissions. As a result, it is necessary that the electric power generation methods are green in effect. People with disabilities will be able to benefit from the car, as the law will permit safe travel with their condition. With the addition of a solar panel, electric cars can power electric cars more efficiently. The smart car can also curb traffic-related accidents due to drivers’ negligence or in a state of unconsciousness due to lack of sleep or intoxication. Today, there are many convertible and other options that allow the user to undergo the full experience. Due to the magnitude of problem that carbon emissions and driver negligence proposes with traditional vehicles, smart electric cars are a highly beneficial alternative.

Project Objectives

  • Simulate the latest advanced technology of the actual self-driving cars
  • Reduce the need for the human control interference
  • Expand the local content of smart systems inventions to be competitive with the global race
  • Increase the duration cycle of the preventive maintenance
  • Minimize gas emission