Smart Suitcase

Project Overview

We all know the hassle of pushing along our baggage in the airport. It is a tedious process that aggravates our tiredness and difficulty during the journey. The air of our project “smart suitcase” is to eliminate the issue of pushing the suitcase around. Not only this will we also be adding additional functionality to the suitcase that will make your suitcase easier to use and convenient. This project is selected as the course requirement for “Design methodology” and “Assessment 3” as an attempt to complete the final project requirement. During these two phases the project will go through all the steps of product planning, development and execution.
Autonomous smart suitcase will have features such as autonomous following of the user, bag fall detection and warning, GPS tracking, lost mode and LCD for information display. During the period of the course the project was finalized and specific sub systems were tested as depicted in the report below

Project Objectives

  • Autonomous mode: ensures that the bag follows the user when he or she walks
  • Lost mode: With the lost mode the suitcase can be contacted via internet and it sends out the GPS address and automatically plays a buzzer. If the suitcase is nearby it will make a lough sound and display on the LCD details of the owner
  • Other features: The suitcase will also have other features such as Sensing the orientation using accelerometer