Solar Cooker

Project Overview

Green energy is an alternate form of energy that is currently being used to combat the crises of energy and global warming. Use of solar energy for cooking is better solution, but still not established as user friendliness and economic aspect. Food is the basic need of human being. Solar cooker is clean and ecofriendly energy device for cooking. There are large number of solar cookers designed and developed by the scientists and researchers all over the world but still the utilization of solar cooker is not sufficient. In this project, a box type solar cooker will be designed and fabricated. A solar cooker is a container or a device that traps solar energy and helps in heating and cooking food. It mainly works on three principles i.e. concentration, absorption and retention. A solar cooker has a mirror that helps in letting the sun’s UV rays in and converts it into infrared light rays. The infrared radiation has the power to make the protein fat and water molecules present inside the food to shake vigorously which heats up the food. The sun’s heat actually does not help in heating the food, but it is the rays derived from the sun which converts into heat energy and cooks the food. A lid is used to cover the food kept inside a pot so that the heat energy doers not escape. An effective solar cooker thus helps in capturing heat and cook’s food.

Project Objectives

The following are the objectives for the project:
  • Design safer, reliable, and user-friendly solar ovens to be generally used for food cooking and heating purpose at outdoor and indoor locations.
  • Develop and fabricate a practical solar oven. This solar oven will be developed using a mirror and a battery connected to the oven. Inside the oven, the container will be from aluminum which permits for storage processing.
  • Incorporate thermal energy storage to the design to store energy for longer and better heat distribution. As this application will put off oven from escaping heat because of the weather conditions.
  • Find alternative means of energy specifically for people who have low income.
  • 100% Solar Powered
  • Cook without using electric or gas power
  • Low Cost
  • Relay on reflecting solar heat
  • Portable use can carry anywhere