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Structural and Geotechnical Design of Al-Eman Mosque Located Nearby a Slope in Azizyah District

Project Overview

The mosque is a valuable place in Islam, as it is the place where religious acts are done in a peaceful atmosphere. Mosque have existed for more than a millennium as a place of Muslims' people to perform their acts of worship such as prayer. The most important mosques for Muslim community are Al Haram Mosque in Mecca, Al Haram Mosque in Madinnah (Al Masjid Al Nabawi), and Al Aqsa Mosque located on Al-Aqsa City.

A three-story mosque, located in Al Aziziyah district (Khobar) nearby a slope, is analyzed and designed. The designated area for the projected mosque is newly inhabited and still lacks of important facilities. Two variances of the project were considered, in this case reinforced concrete and steel structures. For each variance, the study was performed in two stages; structural and geotechnical design. The structure was modeled using 3D solid elements using ETABS software. ETABS software is a powerful software, which can be used for analyzing and designing of any structure. A preliminary design was carried out to get the initial columns’ sizes and the slabs thicknesses. The geotechnical part of this project include the design of the foundation system of the structure (isolated foundations), slope stability assessment, and the design of a retaining wall of 6.2 m high.

Project Objectives

  1. Etabs Modeling: Structural modeling using Etabs
  2. Structural design: Reinforced Concrete Structure and steel structure
  3. Geotechnical design: Foundation system and assessment of slop stability
  4. Cost estimation: Cost estimation of RCC and steel structure (Comparison)
  5. Project Constraints: Project constraints analyses