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Structural & Geotechnical Design of Touristic Complex in Front of a Beach

Project Overview

Liquefaction has been defined as the transformation of a granular material from a solid state into a liquefied state as a consequence of increased pore-water pressure (Perkins et al, 2001). When the ground liquefies, sandy materials saturated with water can behave like a liquid, instead of like solid ground. The ground may sink or even pull apart. Sand boils, or sand “volcanoes,” can appear (Perkins et al, 2001). Liquefaction can cause ground displacement and ground failure such as lateral spreads (essentially landslides on nearly flat ground next to seas, rivers, harbors, and drainage channels) and flows.

The aim of this project is to design a touristic complex in a difficult or problematic soil, such as liquefiable soil. The project includes the placement and repartition of the different components of the complex (such as apartment hotel units, restaurant, main access roads and cars parking areas), structural design of the different elements of the complex using an appropriate computer software (SAP2000), geotechnical investigation which include the proposed solutions for the foundation systems of the different components of the complex (such as apartment units and restaurant), and development of a complex prototype. Two types of foundation system were investigated, including shallow foundations when the area is vibro-compacted and deep foundations (i.e. driven metallic piles).

Project Objectives

The main objectives of this project are to design a series of hotel-apartments and a two floor restaurant to be constructed near to a sea beach where the soils are granular and saturated (i.e. susceptible to liquefaction). Moreover, the level of the water table in this case is almost on the surface. The project includes structural and geotechnical design of a hotel-apartment prototype and the restaurant, and the pavement design of local roads & parking.

The project is composed by the following stages or parts:

  1. Development of the different architectural plans of the hotel apartments (including top and side views plans, and perspectives plans).
  2. Structural design of a hotel-apartment unit (prototype) and the restaurant.
  3. Geotechnical design of the different foundation system: foundations on vibro-compacted soil and piles.
  4. Pavement design of a road & parking sections (prototype sections).
  5. Development of the hotel-apartment prototype.


Final Report

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