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Structural and Geotechnical Design of a 41 Storey High-rise Building in Alaziziah

Project Overview

This project is about redesigning a 41-storey High-rise Building by creating two different models, one using reinforced concrete frames while the other using steel frames. Redesign was made using the drafting software application (AutoCAD), and then the analysis was completed using extensional three-dimensional analysis for building systems (ETABS). The two models have been compared to determine the differences in loads, materials that will be used in constructing the structures, and how their properties will affect the structural response and the cost. Moreover, three foundations are going to be designed in order to complete the comparision of our project.

The redesign involved another significant change as the building was originally designed to be a column-slab structure, whereas the new design has been made for a column-beam-slab structure to ensure consistency when making the comparison. Furthermore, work allowed checking of the overall structural performance under different kinds of loads and the foundation demand. To ensure optimal results of the study, in-depth literature review was made about new technologies and methods adopted in designing a high-rise building. Based on the study and analysis, it was found that concrete design is more sustainable and suitable for the project area in Azizyiah, Saudi Arabia.

Project Objectives

To establish the project, we have to face different challenges in order to fulfil the needed requirements and cover the safety precautions.
The project design objectives can be summed up as follows:

  • Perform the structural design and analysis of a 41-storey building using reinforced-concrete.
  • Perform the structural design and analysis of the same building, using steel frames.
  • Compare the structural performance of the two buildings under wind and seismic loads.
  • Perform geotechnical and foundation design for the structures.
  • Measure the technical performance of both designs.
  • Determine the most cost-efficient design of the two structures.
  • Meet all ACI and Saudi Building Code requirements and standards in the designs.


Final Report