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The Structural and Geotechnical Design of a Steel Frame Multistory Carpark at PMU

Project Overview

The student body at Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University (PMU) is growing at a pace that has overpopulated the current parking facilities on campus. A need has risen for an effective and reliable solution, that can handle the growing number of students in an effective and efficient manner.

This report deals with the structural and geotechnical design of a multi-story carparking facility at PMU. The main frame of the building is to be built of structural steel, while the supporting elements of the facility will be constructed from reinforced cement concrete.

The report will also outline the modelling and analysis of the structure, calculate and design reinforcement for the concrete elements, estimate the material cost of the project and attempt to provide a suitable methodology for which one may design such a facility.

This senior design project is in fulfillment of the requirements for completing the Senior Design Capstone Project, of the Civil Engineering Degree at Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU). Successful completion of this project in association with the fulfillment of the Civil Engineering degree plan proves the eligibility of the involved students to obtain a Bachelor of Sciences in Civil Engineering, as outlined in the criteria for successful commencement of engineering degrees set by the governing program bodies at PMU and the American Board of Engineering and Technology Accreditation (ABET).

We have attempted, through our chosen method of writing this report to clearly state and explain, to the best of our ability, the methods and techniques used to design this structure. The motive behind this explanatory approach, is to clarify the process in which one would approach designing such a structure. We also hope though the writing of this report, to offer as much assistance for as many generations of Civil Engineering students to come.

Project Objectives

The structural and geotechnical design of a multistory, steel-frame carparking facility, to be used for the male student population of Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, located adjacent to the western border of the university’s campus, which shall safely accommodate a minimum of 1000 vehicles.