Virtual Keyboard
As technology is advancing, people are looking for easier and faster ways of interaction between themselves, the technology, tools and machinery. In order to overcome the difficulty of large machinery and technology this project aims to design a keyboard which discards the need of a traditional physical button. This project is called a virtual keyboard; one of the many types of Virtual keyboards that allow the users to interact with PDA’s, mobile devices and lots more, with the ability of having full physical keyboard capabilities. This projection keyboard is a form of computer input device whereby the image of a virtual keyboard is projected onto a flat surface. When a user's fingers are placed on the projected keys; the device translates them into keystrokes. Our project consists of 3 main modules; illumination module, sensing module and projection module. The illumination module is a 650nm class II laser that emits a plane of red light. The sensing module is a camera that is responsible to detect the visible light reflected from the finger. Lastly, the projected keyboard helps a user to type in some letters just like a true keyboard.