Waste Heat Recovery System

Project Overview

The design of waste heat recovery system that aims to generate electric power by using the exhaust heat that I produced from an internal combustion engine. Experimental studies were conducted to achieve electricity generation by the thermos electric generator (TEG). However, by this electrical generated we can utilize many applications such as charging battery or run some electronic components.

Project Objectives

The thermoelectric generator from waste heat exhaust of engine challenges to overcome the following objectives:
  1. To design a system that operates at a high temperature engine exhaust to generate free electricity.
  2. To develop a power generation method to fulfill the results that are expected from the system.
  3. To apply the thermodynamics concept to design of cooling system.
  4. To apply heat transfer concept to study the amount of heat rate, surface area, and select the proper materials required for conductivity.
  5. To fabricate hot exhaust fittings to power thermoelectric materials.
  6. The conversion of waste heat into free electricity by using thermoelectric generators (Thermocouples) and make it usable.
  7. Maintain the heat transfer from hot side to cold side of the system in order to make it more efficient.