Why Computer Engineering

The following points help us to understand the choice of making Computer Engineering a field choice for Students:

  • The program teaches design concept of computer systems with hands-on experience.

  • In addition to hardware design, the program is complemented with software concepts.

  • Computer Engineers discipline with its various courses is becoming independent of electrical engineers curriculum as well as computer science curriculum.

  • Computer engineering is a blend of electrical engineering and computer science in which students acquire knowledge of digital hardware with the design of software needed to operate the hardware components.

  • Computer engineering students can specialize for their master’s degree in Communications, Networks, Embedded Systems, Computer Vision, VLSI Design and Signal Processing.

  • In terms of career prospects they can opt for both software and hardware jobs, since they possess both these skills.

  • Some CpE career goals are as follows:
    • Embedded System Engineer
    • System Engineer/Analyst
    • Control Systems Engineer
    • Medical Electronics Design Engineer
    • Robotics and Automated Manufacturing
    • Wireless Communication and Telecommunication Engineer.