Why Civil Engineering

Imagine our world without civil engineers. Our daily activities would not be working smoothly. This is because civil engineers are the primary designers and builders of nation’s cities and their infrastructures. As the world's population increases, and as environmental concerns mount, civil engineers will play a vital role in improving our quality of life for the years and centuries to come. The employment outlook for civil engineers is always very good. This is because civil engineering projects are always guided by economic and general population growth of a nation. More civil engineers will be needed to design and construct higher capacity transportation systems, water supply, pollution control systems, and large buildings and bridges. Government of Saudi Arabia alone has invested hundreds of billions US dollar for building new infrastructures in the regions for several years to come. As our infrastructures aged, civil engineers also will be needed to repair or replace existing roads, bridges, and other public infrastructures.

There will always be work for civil engineers as long as there are cities. Regarding civil engineering career and situation, here are some typical situations: earn good pay, have good freedom at work, promoted quickly, or even become their own bosses, get to work outside sometimes, meet lots of people in different professions, get a feeling of accomplishment after working on exciting and meaningful projects, have good job security, etc.

Civil engineers not only require a high skill of the application of science and mathematics, but also management, administration, and communication skills. Civil Engineering Program at PMU offers unique learning experience combining scientific and social skills as well as computer (IT) oriented studies that are all needed for students to succeed in the professional engineering practice.