Why Interior Design
Choosing interior design, as your major at PMU would be one of the best decisions one could make. The profession of interior design addresses aesthetic, psychological, safety, and environmental issues impacting the built environment. It is an exciting field that requires dedication, hard work and learning an extensive knowledge base that reaches far beyond basic rearranging of furnishings. It is fascinating career that allows the professional to work with clients to reconfigure space and improve its use as well as select appropriate colors, textures, materials, etc. to create innovative and beautiful environments that take into consideration the health, safety and welfare of the occupants or users of the space.

Interior design offers varying work environments and that include other professionals, clients, contractors, suppliers, etc. Work is usually completed as a design team that may include architects, structural and mechanical engineers, graphic or environmental designers and other specialty consultants.

A degree in interior design offers numerous opportunities and job positions within the field both here in KSA and the world.