Why Information Technology

In terms of relative position of the Information Technology (IT) major within the College of Computer Engineering & Science and in relation to programs in other colleges, IT is closest to MIS in the College of Business. This is in contrast to the Computer Engineering program which is closest to Electrical Engineering in the College of Engineering.

As such, IT graduates are expected to master the “Application” aspects of Computing in addition to the fundamentals of Programming, Software Engineering and Databases with the basic mathematics that these areas also entail. An IT graduate will probably apply their knowledge in a business, enterprise environment wherein they utilize their skills to analyze business problems, list possible solution options, narrow down those options based on features and cost and then assist directors in the final selection or even going for an in-house developed solution.

These skills are applied in various sectors including, but not limited to, finance, agriculture, health and medicine, transport, education systems and utilities, forensic science and even law enforcement communications – wired and wireless.

Completing a degree in Information Technology from the College of Computer Engineering & Science at PMU gives you a sense of personal accomplishment, career satisfaction, and endless possibilities such that you may specialize in an aspect of computer technology; you can work as a database or network administrator or you can become a web developer or webmaster, you can even focus on creating new digital multimedia; from creating avant-garde video games to digital photography software to music sharing systems.

Of course, the possibilities of further studies to MSc or Ph.D. levels are also open to IT graduates who may also choose to vary their postgraduate area from their undergraduate area, for example, there is no reason why an IT graduate may not change major to Computer Science or Software Engineering or even MIS for their postgraduate studies.