Why Management Information Systems

As the number of businesses who rely on computer technology through both dedicated and open systems grows, the need for information systems professionals also continues to grow. People involved in information systems must be able to understand, employ and manage concepts, principles, methods, techniques, practices, and procedures not only for the academic major but also for their subsequent business.

The MIS major provides students with a background in both information systems and principles of business. The application of information systems to new business models is necessary for a firm to survive. This program provides the foundation for the student to excel in both bodies of knowledge.

The curriculum for the MIS Program provides the student with the academic background to be successful in any of the specialty fields within the information systems profession. The MIS students will have the opportunity to work in the following (Technical and non-technical) upon their graduation:

  • System development (system analysis & Design; support; system integration; database administration, business application development; business analyst)

  • Network technology (Intranet development; network administration; hardware and software support)

  • Internet (programming & software design; system analysis; web site design; web site administration)

  • Databases (Programming & software design; database administration; business analyst)

  • Non-technical: Customer Service, Product Support, Training, Technical Writing, Sales & Marketing and Consulting