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March 9, 2018    
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PMU Beach Volleyball

Out of 13 Beach Volleyball enthusiast only 2 teams qualified in the final rounds in the recently concluded 3rd PMU Beach Volleyball Tournament that was conducted in two separate days, (March 6, 8, 2018.)

It was a strong performance from the Engineering 1 pair who won against Engineering 2 (2-1). They started the match with a tough game, but looked each other in the eye and steadily improved their play.

They Engineering 1 pair found their stride as they problem solved and scored off of defensive transition. After they climbed back into the match against Engineering 2, their serving and ball control and offense all started clicking. The two teams are now qualified to represent PMU in SUSF.

The largest university-based sporting event in the kingdom. The event was a huge success with loads of skills.

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