Final Exam Policy


Final and common examination schedules are published by the Office of the Registrar in advance of examination week. If a student is scheduled for more than two examinations in one day or has a time conflict with common examinations, then the student must report to the Office of the Registrar by an announced deadline to make the necessary adjustments.

General Instruction

  1. No student will be admitted to any exam without the PMU ID card. Students who lost or forgot their IDs will have to proceed to the ID office for a permit or a substitute ID to enter the exam.
  2. No Cell Phones, back bags or other type of bags, books or notebooks permitted beside students inside the exam room; such personal belongings in the student possession during the exam constitute a breach to PMU exam policies. Students will be asked to place those belongings inside the examination room in one area strictly specified by the proctor. Cell Phones and/or any smart device found in the possession of any student during the exam will be immediately confiscated even if not in use, and a note will be placed on the exam paper for further investigations.
  3. Sunglasses are prohibited inside the exam rooms
  4. Speaking, commenting, or any sort of direct or indirect communication between students is strictly prohibited during exams
  5. Students are expected to strictly comply to proctor’s instructions at ALL times, with no discussion, comments or any sort of disruption to others
  6. PMU officials may be checking students IDs throughout the examination period
  7. Students are not allowed to leave the exam room before half the exam time has elapsed (e.g. if the exam time is 2 hours, the proctor will not allow you to leave before 1 hour has passed)
  8. Students coming in late will not be allowed in after the first student has left (e.g. after half the exam time), NO EXTRA TIME will be given to any late comers
  9. Students are required to minimize disruption to the instructor and other students, and are only allowed to raise their hand when they have a question, NOT CALL the instructor, NOR speak, nor ask another student.

Students not abiding by these rules will receive a note on their papers, and further measures may be taken.