When you are looking for an institution that not only provides you with a degree in a competent subject, but also prepares you for the future challenges after graduation, develops your personality and grooms you to be a leader wherever you go.
When you want to be associated with an institution that pioneers in bringing positive change, welcome to Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University where excellence is redefined. Whether you are looking for an undergraduate or a graduate program, PMU offers a wide range of specializations. These cover the market and individual needs (visit Degrees & Programs webpage). We offer different programs accredited by prestigious national and international organizations. PMU’s system and academic programs were designed by the international educational consultant, Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC), which is a consortium of 32 universities in Texas, USA. The university’s system and academic programs were also reviewed and verified by around 70 multinational academic and industrial experts. To explore the opportunities and the admission requirements more please visit the below links:

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