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Grading System

The grade point average (GPA) is computed on a four-point scale. The following grading system is used at PMU:

A+    4.00 grade points
A    3.75 grade points
B+    3.50 grade points
B    3.00 grade points
C+    2.50 grade points
C    2.00 grade points
D+    1.50 grade points
D    1.00 grade points
F    0 grade points

WF* 0 grade points
*Administrative Withdrawal Fail
Grades not calculated in the grade point average are:
I         Incomplete
IP        In Progress
AU        Audit
EX        Exempt; no credit
TR        Transfer; credit counted
W        Withdrawal
N         No grade
P         Pass; credit counted
AW        Administrative Withdrawal

The student’s GPA is calculated in the following manner:

The numerical value of each letter grade earned is multiplied by the number of credit hours course is worth. This yields a figure known as “quality points.” The sum of the student’s quality points is divided by the total number of credit hours. The final figure is the GPA.