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PMU Internal Scholarships

PMU Internal Scholarship serves as means to achieve the educational mission at the university. It also aims to provide opportunities to qualified students based on different assessments.

The selection criteria for this program will be determined by the program’s requirements and any specific restrictions determined by the Scholarship Committee.

The eligibility criteria for applicants to apply are:
  • High School Certificate with an average of 90% or above.
  • Recent graduate of high school (within 3 years).
  • General aptitude test score of 85% or above.
  • Ability to meet all admissions requirements.
  • Student must achieve Advanced Level in the admission/placement test.
  • Distinguished intellectual and academic performance.
  • A record of good conduct.
  • The applicant must be unemployed full time-student.

The Scholarship Committee will evaluate the applicants and make recommendations to management for the final decision.

Students will be eligible for the sponsored scholarship as long as they remain enrolled at the PMU, maintain a required GPA, and are not guilty of misconduct. Students who falsify their application will be disqualified immediately.