Policies, Tuition & Fees
  • Upon receiving an acceptance letter the student must pay an amount of SAR10, 000 as part of his/her tuition fee before classes start to reserve his/her seat.
  • If the student wants to cancel/drop his/her courses registration without charge, the student makes sure he/she drops during the determined dates (see Registration calendar for details). The student must drop it online through Banner Self Service or notify the registration via email to drop it accordingly; otherwise, full tuition fees will be charged to his/her financial account.
  • All students must read their student emails to keep up with important payment announcement; student email will be activated once the applicant is an official PMU student. Payments plan are available at the students Financial Affairs Office and PMU website announcement activity Student Fee Payment schedule .
  • Students are expected to pay advance payment and register prior to avoid the registration hold and allow tuition and fees to access to their student account before the Registration period Deadline.
  • A penalty of SAR250.00 will be charged to the student account automatically for any outstanding balance on each installment if the student failed to pay within the due dates.
  • Due dates are not extended nor are late payment fees waived for any reason.
  • The students must clear their tuition, fees, and any outstanding before the deadline dates specified by the university; otherwise, the university has the full right and authority to place the account on hold which will deny the student from many services such as checking his/ her grades, issuing of the transcripts and registering future courses. Those who miss this deadline will have a late registration fee assessed to their student account.
  • AR hold (Accounting hold) placed on student account before the final grades in case of failure to pay the dues of the semester.
  • RG hold (Registration hold) placed on student account before the registration period in case of failure to pay the outstanding balance and the advanced payment for the future coming semester.
  • Students are responsible to access their Banner Self-Service information to check his/her account balance ,financial Aid information, account summary, and view hold details.