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Transfer Student Admissions and Credit Transfer Policy


An applicant can be admitted as a Transfer Student if:

  1. The previous Institution is a local government university, local private university, international university or can be a college/community college in a Western country (Associate Degree or above).
  2. The previous type of study is regular and not online or distance learning.
  3. The previous institution is recognized by Ministry of Education (MOE).
  4. The total GPA is 2.0/4.0 from the previous institution.
  5. The student is not dismissed from the previous institution.
  6. The student meets the current PMU admission criteria.

Credit Transfer

Each course considered for transfer must meet the following conditions:

  1. Number of credit hours for the course under consideration must have at least the same number of credit hours of PMU equivalent course.
  2. The course considered for equivalency must have a minimum grade of C.
  3. The contents of the course(s) under consideration must cover at least 80% of the contents of the equivalent PMU course.
  4. Last course passed on the submitted transcript should not be older than 5 years.
  5. The equivalent PMU pre-requisite(s) by course content for any course considered for transfer should be also taken and successfully passed by the student from the previous institution.
  6. If previous condition is not met, the student must take the pre-requisite(s) and retake the course under consideration at PMU.
  7. All transfer students are required to complete PMU university core courses, regardless of the level at which he or she enters the university. These courses are: Professional Development and Competencies, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Leadership and Teamwork, Written Communication, Oral Communication, Writing and Research, and Technical and Professional Communications. Transfer students must also complete the university’s assessment capstone courses.
  8. The number of transfer credits should not exceed maximum 70% of the graduation requirements of credits. At least 30% of the degree course requirements must be completed in residence at PMU.
  9. NO PREP courses will be considered for credit transfer (exception can be made for PREP Math if the student successfully passed it with a minimum grade of C).

The Course Equivalency Committee (CEC) will recommend credit transfers for final approval.