Interview Tips
Perhaps the most important thing about applying to a job is the interview process. Walking into a room with potential employers sitting behind a desk can be nerve-wracking. How an interviewee handles the hot seat can determine whether they get the job or not. Below are some useful tips that will help students and alumni successfully complete job interviews.

  • Always do your research before entering the interview room. Nothing is more disheartening to an employer than a candidate who knows nothing about the company.
  • Find out the time, location, and the interviewers name.
  • Prepare an effective portfolio.
  • Show up ten minutes before the scheduled interview time. Never come late to an interview.
  • Dress appropriately taking into consideration culture of the company.
  • Switch your mobile phone off.
  • Enter the room with great confidence. Shake hands when appropriate and maintain eye contact when greeting.
  • Attentively listen to the interviewer and give concise yet effective answers.
  • Provide examples and experiences when necessary.
  • Ask for clarification if a question is unclear.
  • Remember to speak clearly and loudly with a moderate pace.
  • Stay relaxed and confident but don’t overdo either.
  • Use strong body language and remember not to fidget.
  • At the end of the interview remember to present the interviewer with a question of your own. This not only shows your interest in the job position but also your confidence.
  • Upon leaving greet the interviewer appropriately.