Early career planning is essential for developing a rewarding and successful career path. Here at PMU, the Department of Career Services provides students from freshman through graduate level with services that promise students a brighter career.
The department ensures to assist students with career development and help search for part-time and full-time employment. To further develop students for the job market, the Department of Career Services holds annual career fairs and year round workshops for polishing student skills and traits.
The department offers students several services such as resume and portfolio building, graduate study advising, internship opportunities, and job placement. For further information please pay a visit or contact the department.


To empower, support, and educate students and alumni in exploring rewarding career paths locally and internationally.


To provide valuable career development services that are beneficial for the students and the community.


  • Assist students in choosing a major for success at the university.
  • Assist students with internship and volunteer opportunities.
  • Help students and alumni in exploring, choosing, and implementing successful career plans.
  • Provide employment opportunities, job market trends, and career related information to students and alumni.
  • Promote students and alumni to utilize and develop interpersonal and soft skills.