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Student Job Policy
To be eligible for a campus job opportunity, a PMU student should meet specific criteria. Job opportunities are ruled by the relevant PMU Student Job Policy.

  • Job opportunities are open for Saudis as well as non-Saudis
  • Student should be enrolled in an undergraduate program
  • Student should maintain a minimum GPA of  2.7
  • Student should not have less than 12 credit hours
  • Student should not exceed 20 working hours per week (Max. 4 hours per day)
  • Student should have specific job related skills
  • Student should pass the departmental job interview
  • Student should register in PMU HR Department in order to avoid illegality issues with the Labor Office
  • Student will be compensated at an hourly rate of 15 S.R per hour
  • Student should register attendance through departmental attendance log
  • To quit the job, the student needs to notify the Student Career Services Office in writing, one week prior to the last day of work