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Activities 2018

Fall upcoming Events
Event Organizer Day Time Location Details
Tekken Tournament Techno Hub Club Tu Nov-13, 2018 12noon-2:00pm Cafeteria  
Sustainability Event: Opening ceremony Core Program / Campus Life Mo Nov-19, 2018 11:00am-12:00noon Lecture Hall To be broadcast to female Campus
Sustainability Event: Presentation Core Program / Campus Life Mo Nov-19, 2018 12noon-1:00pm Lecture Hall To be broadcast to female Campus
Sustainability Event: Sustainability Show Core Program / Campus Life Tu Nov-20, 2018 11:00am-12:00noon Lecture Hall  
Sustainability Event: Speech Contest Core Program / Campus Life Tu Nov-20, 2018 12noon-1:00pm Lecture Hall  
Sustainability Event: Poster Presentation Display Core Program / Campus Life Wed Nov-21, 2018 10:00am – 2:00pm Prep / Core Atrium  
Sustainability Event: Photo competition – Exhibition Core Program / Campus Life Wed Nov-21, 2018 10:00am – 2:00pm Prep / Core Atrium  
Sustainability Event: Student Video Competition Core Program / Campus Life Wed Nov-21, 2018 11:00-12:00noon Lecture Hall  
Sustainability Event: Closing ceremony and announcement of results Core Program / Campus Life Wed Nov-21, 2018 12noon-1:00pm Lecture Hall In presence of VRAA; all Deans and Directors to be invited

PMU Traffic Safety Club News: awareness presentation on safe traffic

Under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Department of Campus Life organized an awareness presentation on safe traffic, conducted for the members of the new Traffic Safety Club at PMU by Mr. Ali Al Asery, Board Member of Saudi Society for Traffic Safety and Member of Eastern Province Traffic Safety committee
In his lecture, Mr. Ali draw the attention on the bad habits and behavior that could cause a car accident or death and how to avoid them.
If you like to join the PMU Traffic Safety Club, please visit Campus Life staff, Office G-062

نظم قسم الحياة الجامعية دورة تدريبية بعنوان منظومة مفاهيم ومهارات السلامة المرورية بالتعاون مع لجنة السلامة المرورية بالمنطقة الشرقية و ذلك ضمن برنامج كامل يتوجه إلى جامعات المملكة بهدف تأسيس نادي جامعي للسلامة المرورية وتمكين الشباب لقيادة برامج التوعية والتثقيف قدمها الأستاذ / علي العسيري عضو لجنة السلامة المرورية بالمنطقة الشرقية

Campus Life News: 2018 PMU Humanities Week

The fourth PMU Humanities Week 2018 officially ended on March-26th with the Awards Ceremony. 
The college of Science and Human Studies and the Department of Campus Life would like to thank all the dignitaries, the volunteers, the faculty and all of the participants that attended the different events. 
In harmony with PMU's theme for the year 2018, the theme of this year was Conflict Resolution and Global Connectedness"
Ten student competitions and activities were organized during the whole week on different times under the supervision of more than ten instructors with the participation of more than one hundred students.
The Hweek started with a Kick Off Ceremony, which highlighted the importance of Humanities in the curriculum and their correlation with the six main competencies. Furthermore, each event coordinator gave a briefing about the competition or activity he was in charge of and encouraged students to take part in the co-curricular activities which are vitally important.

The Core students displayed their research Poster Presentation Competition, leaded by faculty Alexander Woodman who prepared with his students an excellent presentation about the importance of Humanities and communication competency.

This year the students presented various topic such as “The Discovery of Insulin,” “Health Effects of Environmental Pollution and its Control in Dammam Industrials Sector,” and “Feasibility of Implementing Solar Energy System in Al Khobar Housing by 2020.” It is important to mention that one of the presenters collaborated with the Aramco Library and presented his research on “History and Diversity of Aramco since 1950.” All the participants were Assessment II students.    

In the following video a group of excellent students reflect back to their last year experiences at the Core Department. Junior student Hussain Alkalaf as part of his Writing and Research class traveled to Jeddah where he presented his research and interviewed Saudi Olympic Committee Vice-President Loay Hisham Nazer. Other students reflected on their experiences at the National Geography Event, PMU Book Club etc.

The Leadership Essay Contest’s topic was about:

The role of young Saudi Arabians in the era of economic reform and Vision 2030. For the first time ever, the essay contest was open for the female students, it was organized under the supervision of Faculty Gregory Poole.
The best five essays were written by:

  • Ghada Aldawas (Female Campus), First Place (22 Points out of 24)
  • Sulaiman Alkrood (Male Campus), Second Place (17 Points out of 24)
  • Abdulwahab Alkrood (Male Campus), Third Place (16 points out of 24)
  • Rowaz Abo Mazid (Female Campus), Third Place (16 points out of 24)
  • Omar Hassan Albuainain (Male Campus), Fourth Place (11 Points out of 24)

They all did a job well done.  We have a lot to be proud of at PMU.

Cross Functional Team Presentation

Moreover, Our Leadership & Teamwork students gave a presentation for Humanities Week 2018, their topic was Vision 2030 and using cross-functional teams to achieve Vision 2030, under the supervision of Faculty Gregory Poole.
 Challenges can be big, like really super, big!  Cross-Functional Team Management is multi-disciplinary and multi-intelligence approach to brainstorming; taking a super big problem and dividing it into smaller more manageable problems; and assigning a network of expert teams to create and implement innovative solutions.

Good management is not so much about making decisions as it is about creating a HOLISTIC ENVIRONMENT where great decisions are made.

Student teams were:


The Debate was coordinated by Dr. Mark Olson in collaboration with Dr. Jorg Muth. Seven (7) students took part in the final Debate. The students debated on the topic Global Connectedness (Globalization): A Necessity or Choice?
The proposing side in support of globalization was made of the following students: Mr. Zaid Khalid Aloleaq, Mr. Abdulaziz Al Ghamdi, Mr. Faisal Al-Zahrani.

The opposing side against globalization had Mr. Khaled Tajash , Mr. Ahmad Al Ghaqim , Mr. Marwan Rufie, Mr. Omar Albununcin.

The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, the Dean of Student Affairs, the Core Curriculum Chair and Core faculty members all attended this event and the opposing side won the debate.

Furthermore, the Department of Campus Life launched a survey about the subject (Globalization is a Necessity or a Choice?) addressed to all PMU community and got the following results: 72.5% of responses think that Globalization is a necessity while 27.5% think it’s a choice

The Moot Court demonstration held on 19 March 2018 was a follow up practice after he GCC Regional Friendly Round which was held in Kuwait 28 February – 3 march 2018, where the team competed against teams from Kuwait, UAE and Qatar.
In Washington DC, the team will compete in four preliminary oral rounds that will determine the top 32 teams in the world. These 32 teams will then compete in the advanced rounds that ultimately will determine the World Champion.

Under the supervision of the Department of Law at PMU, the team consisted of the following:

Department of Law Students Advisors Judges
  • Almuhaysin, Abdulmohsen Mohammed S
  • Aldossary, Mohammed Bassam M
  • Ahmed Mohammed S Al-Ghamdi
  • Alghamdi, Basem Mohammed S
  • Rahf Bakheet F Almodarra (Female campus)
  • Dr. Mahmud Zuhdi Mohd Nor
  • Ms. Cecile Abi Tayeh        
  • The PMU Law Jessup Committee
  • Dr. Mahmud Zuhdi Bin Mohd Nor
  • Dr Adam Hefty
  • Dr. Angus Hornigold

For its inaugural debut, the Health and Wellness Promotional Video competition found a very reputable winner, under the supervision of Dr. Craig Behan. Next year will be even bigger and better with this competition in hopes it gets opened to the female side as well, implemented earlier within the male.

WINNER: Nadeem Adeeb M Alshakhis 201702006

2nd PLACE: Yahya Mahzari  201701039

Moreover, leaded by Dr. Jay Mcnight, PE students, tested students and faculty on reaction time.
Furthermore, they will be compiling the data and provide the norms for everyone to compare their scores.


Many students participated in the Dictation leaded by Mr. Simon Hayes; The title of the reading was Global Connectedness in Education; a short essay outlining the opportunities and challenges faced by students and teachers in today’s increasingly interlinked world.
The accuracy of the participants’ spelling, punctuation, and capitalization was assessed, along with the neatness of their handwriting. The overall standard was very high and it was difficult to choose the winners. In the end, it was decided to award the first prize to Ibrahim Al Majed, and the second prize to Adam Mohamed Bare.

Leadership and Teamwork games were organized under the supervision of Dr. Yazan Al Ghazo. More than 40 students participated but only 3 students showed exceptional leadership skills:

  • Ali Alkhalifs
  • Mohammed Alabdulqader
  • Arbaz Mohammed

As HWeek’s events come to a close, the HWeek team would like to remind everyone involved that it is not too late to start thinking about HWeek 2019; more challenging activities and exciting competitions will be added.
Special congratulations again should go the winners. 

The Hweek was organized by the College of Sciences and Humanities and the Department of Campus Life in partnership with the Department of Law and the support of the Deanship of Student Affairs.