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End of Semester Ceremony

End of Semester Ceremony

The Department of Campus Life provides students with opportunities to organize co-curricular and extracurricular activities through groups, teamwork and unique programs that compliment classroom learning through experiences. During the last 2 years PMU campus life has grown from strength to strength, the Student Council, student organizations and active faculty all contributed to this growth. A special 'End of Semester' ceremony in the lecture hall paid recognition to all those who supported life on campus, whose dedication met no boundaries and whose efforts we applaud. Special certificates and trophies were presented to football, table tennis and karate team players, including the Student Council and club members who participated in campus life events.

In his speech, Mr. El-Moussa acknowledged all the students for their achievements within core curriculum and extra curriculum activities under the umbrella PMU Campus Life Department and encouraged them to continue their hard work.

Dr. Rakan Chabaan received a Most Valuable Faculty (MVF) trophy for his valuable contribution in all PMU events during year 2010-2011 while students Abdulmalik Al Kohaji and Hisham Al Minhali were chosen as Most Valuable Students (MVS) for 2010-2011, for their active participation in Media Club and Student Council.
  • Mr. Abdulkader Al Qadoosi received a recognition trophy for his valuable organization of PMU Community Service Day during Spring 2011
  • Drama Club were chosen as Best Club for Fall 2009-2010
  • Energy Club were chosen as Best Club for Spring 2009-2010
  • Flying Club were chosen as Best Club for Fall 2010-2011
  • Media Club were chosen as Best Club for Spring 2011 and got best corner price during Open House 2011
  • Reading, Social and Chess Clubs received each a recognition trophy

The Department of Campus Life would like to thank all faculty, staff and students who attended and made this a memorable event, and would like to take this opportunity to encourage all students, both new and old to contribute to their campus life experience at