Frequently asked Questions

What is counseling?

Counseling - or psychotherapy - is a professional relationship that focuses on personal problems. The counseling relationship differs from both social friendships and patient-doctor contacts. Unlike friends, counselors are able to be objective; they are not involved in your daily lives. Unlike most doctors, counselors don't give specific advice or tell you what to do. Instead, they serve as skilled listeners who help you to clarify issues, discover your true wishes and feelings, and deal effectively with problems.

How long does counseling usually last?

Length of counseling varies. Some problems lend themselves to a one or two session consultation. Others require a series of appointments, the length to be decided by you and your counselor. If you need longer than short-term counseling, your counselor will discuss with you affordable referral resources in the community.

What kinds of issues are addressed in counseling?

Here is a partial list of common student concerns that could be addressed in counseling:
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Exam Apprehension
  • Personal issues

How private is my meeting with a counselor?

“Your Mind” counseling services are confidential. No one outside the office is informed that you've come to seek assistance. Counseling is not part of your college record.

Other than speaking one-to-one with a counselor, how can I address my concerns?

Sometimes a problem is better addressed through group counseling than individual appointments. Talking to other students who have had similar experiences provides support and perspective. A counseling group can be powerfully healing.

Do I need to take an appointment first?

No, all you need is to go to the clinic

I have a chronic health problem and I need to go to hospital when it gets worse. What happened if I miss my exam because of my illness?

If you have a serious health problem, you need to discuss it with PMU Nurse and Counselor so we can help you.

I am very stressed and I feel lonely

Speak with the healthcare and counseling team. It is strictly confidential.

My friend is acting in a weird way. How can I help her?

you really care for her, speak to the Counselor Or Nurse. Rest assured all is confidential.

I have no health problems. Can I see a member of staff and ask a few questions I worry about.

You can see the Counselor and discuss any concern. We are here to help you.