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PMU Students (Male & Female) Local & International Competition/Activity Participation and Achievements

Semester Date Competition/Activity Title Brief overview of the competition/activity/achievement Student/s Information Photos
Spring 2017/2018 November 18, 2017 SUSF Swimming Tournament The Saudi University Sports Federation just recently concluded the swimming event. The event was held in Dammam at Sport City last Thursday, November 16 and ended Saturday, November 18, 2017. Around 146 swimmers of various university took part of the competition. Our very own Mr. Abulaziz bagged 4th place in 400 meter freestyle and 5th place in 200 meter backstroke.
Congratulation Abdulaziz and thank you for representing PMU so wonderfully.
Mr. Abulaziz Al Dossary
Spring 2017/2018 November 23, 2017 PMU Football League For the three straight week, out of the 10 football teams who participated in PMU Football League. Only two undefeated teams reach the final round, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering teams. Civil Engineering team win by beating Electrical Team scores (5-4) in the final. It was a very successful and well- participated event that was officially finished, Thursday, November 23, 2017.  
Spring 2017/2018 December 07, 2017 PMU Table Tennis Tournament The PMU table tennis tournament tilt a success. With over 46 participants, PMU table tennis continue to be the popular individual -sports on campus. The two days event took place in the PMU cafeteria and well -participated by faculty, staff and students. In the finals, Mr. Mohammed Smidi won against Mr. Noor Memon in thrilling five sets (3-1). Champion: Mr. Mohammed Smidi.
1st Runner up: Mr. Noon Memon.
2nd Runner up: Mr. Nawaf Alsawaha.
Spring 2017/2018 February 13-15, 2018 SUSF Table Tennis Tournament The PMU table tennis team swept its first 5 matches in the first round to lead the tournament held last February 13-15, 2018 at Saqrah City. During the second round play our team losses against KFUBM ,with the single elimination tournament format that leads PMU at rank number 11 among 23 participating university. Mr. Mohammed Smidi
Mr. Abdullah Suqeer
Spring 2017/2018 February 6-10 ,2018 SUSF Athletic Meet Around 23 Universities participated in Athletic meet held by Saudi University Sports Federation in Al Bisha University last February 6-10 ,2018,. The aim of this event is to explore young talents in track and field principles and to raise standards of such sports to an international level. Our very own Mr. Hussain AlKhalaf ended up 3rd place in triple jump category while Mr. Isse Salah placed 4th in 5000 meters run. Everything was well-played and worthy of our applauses. Congratulations!!!! Mr.Hussain AlKhalaf
Mr. Isse Salah
Spring 2017/2018 April 30, 2018 PMU Badminton Tournament Congratulations to all winners who won during the recently concluded “PMU Badminton” Tournament 2018! We also like to recognize the efforts of those students who get passed the quarter final rounds. Everything was well-deserved and worthy of our applause.
For students who are interested in Badminton you may join the practice session every Monday and Wednesday at PMU Sports Center.
Spring 2017/2018 March 9, 2018 PMU Beach Volleyball Out of 13 Beach Volleyball enthusiast only 2 teams qualified in the final rounds in the recently concluded 3rd PMU Beach Volleyball Tournament that was conducted in two separate days, (March 6, 8, 2018.) It was a strong performance from the Engineering 1 pair who won against Engineering 2 (2-1). They started the match with a tough game, but looked each other in the eye and steadily improved their play. They Engineering 1 pair found their stride as they problem solved and scored off of defensive transition. After they climbed back into the match against Engineering 2, their serving and ball control and offense all started clicking. The two teams are now qualified to represent PMU in SUSF. The largest university-based sporting event in the kingdom. The event was a huge success with loads of skills.  
Spring 2017/2018 March 14-17, 2018 SUSF Football Championship The SUSF football event was held on 14th to 17th of March 2018,in Al Qassim City football field. Our very own PMU football team played very well and won the match against the Northern Border University by ( 6-2).Then the team battled it out to be the winner over the Qassim University but misses the elimination round. It was indeed a tough and tedious fight for our team yet very rewarding at the end.  
Spring 2017/2018 March 26-30, 2018 SUSF Beach Volleyball A total of 37 teams, comprising 75 players, competed in this year’s SUSF Beach Volleyball school championship. The event was held on 26th March to 30th March 2018, in Al Jouf City. On the first day, PMU Beach Volleyball team won against TAIBAH University by (2-0). Heading into another round of eliminations, PMU team defeated University of TABUK with a (2-0) score. Meanwhile, the JEDDAH University and JAZAN University snatched the inch closer opportunity of PMU team to qualify to a semis spot after ending Day 2 with straight (0-2) loss records.
Congratulation and well – played PMU Beach Volleyball team, you made us PMU all proud.
Spring 2017/2018 April 1-2, 2018 PMU Try-out The PMU football Try-out was held on April 1-2, 2018,in Sport Center Court The players qualified to represent PMU in SUSF football event for 2019 season  
Spring 2017/2018 April 6, 2018 Bahrain Tower Running Congrats to our student the champion Abdullah Al Safyan, on getting the first place in the vertical ascent up a city tower. This one of-its-kind event in the kingdom of Bahrain was take place today Friday, 6 April 2018. 1050 steps and up to the top of the 200m tower. Mr. Abdullah Al Safyan
Spring 2017/2018 April 13, 2018 American Football Match Under the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Department of Campus Life organized the first ever American Football match featuring the Dammam Eagles versus the Jeddah Team, last April 13, 2018 in PMU football field. Everyone have enjoyed the game played and we look forward to seeing all of you again to a more exciting, heart pounding, and fun-filled event.  
Spring 2017/2018 April 15-16, 2018 PMU Water Polo Tournament PMU Sports Center hosted a competitive water polo match today. Students who participated showed great sportsmanship during the match and after the final whistle. Congrats to the winners (Blue) and better luck to the white team next time.  
Spring 2017/2018 April 22-23, 2018 8-Balls Tournament Get into the game and go beyond it!
Around 33 participants showcases there best billiard moves during the 8 balls billiard knock – out rounds. From 33 it was trim down to 11 in the quarterfinals and only 4 players qualified the final rounds. The match between Mr. Tony and Mr. Hussein was rewarded with a thunderous applause in small, crowded stands. Mr. Tony finishes the game with a narrow win against Mr.Hussein.

Results ;
1st Place : Mr. Tony
2nd Place : Mr. Hussein
3rd Place : Mr. Habeeb

Many thanks to the organizers & players for their valuable time and energy! 8 ball tournament will continue next term.
1st Place : Mr. Tony
2nd Place : Mr. Hussein
3rd Place : Mr. Habeeb
Spring 2017/2018 April 14-6, 2018 Arabic Moot Court competition 2018 We participated in Arabic Moot Court Competition, which involves Arguing a hypothetical case on issues of International Criminal Law Thirteen Arab countries participated in this competition which was held in KILAW, it consisted of 4 rounds within 3 days. We learned some valuable lessons from this experience, we did a brief case, wrote a memorial for both applicant and respondent, and got to know more about ourself and abilities. Also, we realized that the more efforts I put on the work the more gains I will get from it. Finally we are proud to have achieved the second place, and Dana Alhumaidhi won the best oralist award. In effect, we wouldn’t have achieved that great achievement without our supervisors: Dr. Muamar Salameh, and Mrs. Sahar zaghaab. Our Team Members,
Ali Abusaai, Dana Alhumaidhi, Dalal Aldossary, Fahd Alzowaid, Leena Alhajri, Mohammed Alhajri.

شاركنا في مسابقة المحكمة الصورية العربية ، التي تنطوي على مناقشة قضية افتراضية من قضايا القانون الجنائي الدولي. شاركت في البطولة التي أقيمت في جامعة KILAW، ثلاثة عشر دولة عربية ، وتألفت من 4 جولات مقامة في غضون 3 أيام. لقد تعلمنا بعض الدروس القيمة من هذه التجربة، حيث قمنا بتلخيص الوقائع، وكتبنا مذكرة قانونية لكل من المدعي والمدعي عليه، وتعرفنا على إمكانياتنا وقدراتنا. كما لاحظنا أنه كلما اجتهدت ووثقت من نفسك وعملك ستجني ثمرة ما زرعته. وأخيراً ، نحن فخورون بتحقيقنا المركز الثاني، وحصول دانه الحميضي على جائزة أفضل مترافع. في الواقع ، لم نكن قد حققنا هذا الإنجاز العظيم بدون الأساتذة المشرفين: الدكتور معمر سلامة ، و الأستاذة سحر زاغب.
أعضاء فريقنا: علي ابوساعي ، دانه الحميضي ، دلال الدوسري ، فهد الزويد ، لينا الهاجري ، محمد الهاجري.
  • Ali Abusaai
  • Dana Alhumaidhi
  • Dalal Aldossary
  • Fahd Alzowaid
  • Leena Alhajri
  • Mohammed Alhajri.  
Spring 2017/2018 March-18 and April-18, 2018 Tadawul Stock Game Competition Student Ibrahim Al Medaires got the first place among PMU students participating in Tadawul Stock Game Competition open to Saudi universities; he also got the first place among Eastern Province Universities and the 8th place overall out of thousands of participants from all Saudi universities. Ibrahim Al Medaires 201302687
Spring 2017/2018 April 22, 2018 PMU Clubs’ Participation in ‘Earth Day’ at Aramco Students explained the environmental benefits of using LED lamps and displayed the Electrical Engineering students’ projects related to the environment, the Green Club offered visitors to the PMU booth bags containing seeds, soil and tools for planting.
  • Wala Faidah 201302612
  • Jameela Almasoud 201300556
  • Omar Alotaibi 201600098
  • Omar Fakas 201402086
  • Muhammad Bubshait (Alumni)
  • Deena Binjefan 201600596
Spring 2017/2018 March 21 26, 2018 ASME Competition PMU ASME chapter participation in Universities Regional competition for the best “Robot Football” Fairplex, Pomona, California.
  • Hassan Saleh Alabbas
  • Saad Nasser Alajmi
  • Mohammed Sameer Alhejji
  • Mohammad AbdUlhameed Aborshaid
  • Husain Abdrabalrasol Alghumgham
  • Ibrahim Ali Balhareth
  • Faris Hadi Almahamidh
Spring 2017/2018 April 4-7, 2018 Arabic Moot Court competition PMU Law team wins the second place, among 13 universalities participating from different Arabic countries.
  • Danah Alhumaidhi
  • Lena Alhajri
  • Dalal Aldossary
  • Mohammed Alhajri
  • Ali Abusaai
  • Fahd Al Zowaid
Spring 2017/2018 March 18 - 26, 2018 PMU Humanities Week 2018 The event was open to all undergraduate students, daytime and evening degree program.
There were six student humanities and social sciences competitions: Leadership Essay, Dictation, Teamwork competition, Research Paper Poster Presentation, short movie competition and Debate competition.
In addition of the six competitions, the Law College organized a Moot Court Demonstration
Spring 2017/2018 April 23 - 27, 2018 Arab Forum for skills and Human values Selected to participate in the Arab Forum for skills and Human values in Morocco Yazeed Khaled Alqahtani
PMU ID: 201402110
Spring 2017/2018 May 16th, 2017 4th Islamic Solidarity Games held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Women's 100 meters event. Broke Former Saudi Sprinter Kariman Abuljadayel's record. Dana Salah AlShehri
PMU ID: 201500409
Spring 2017/2018 Feb 7th - Feb 8th, 2018 Women's Sports Tournament held in Sharjah, UAE Broke personal record in 100 meters event. First female Saudi to participate in women's 200 meters event.
Currently holding the best 100 meters and 200 meters record.
Dana Salah AlShehri
PMU ID: 201500409
Semester Date Competition/Activity Title Brief overview of the competition/activity/achievement Student/s Information Photos
Spring 2019-2020   Qimam fellowship program Student from PMU received Qimam award for distinctiveness upon completion of the program.
Qimam is a fellowship program supported by a coalition of leading national and international companies well as 300+ senior leaders from the public and private sector that aims to identify, develop, and empower the most promising and distinguished university students in and from Saudi Arabia to achieve their full potential
Saud Bubshait, CECS Qimam fellowship program