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In the period from February 26th until March 10th, 2011, an exhibit of talent was held in Scithec powered by Rawabi Holding Company, the exhibit showcased 25 majors which would appeal to the interests of young intellectual people within the kingdom, the exhibit was well executed and attendance peaked to 8,790.
On completion of the tour of the exhibit, Rawabi offered students the opportunity to apply for a mini internship for one week, 3 of the 17 accepted students were from PMU, namely; Mohammad Khalifa Al-Dossary (MIS) from the male campus, HadeelAbdulaziz Al Essa (MIS), and Hajjar Al Bo Kamseen (Computer engineering) from the female campus. Mohammad and Hajjar were given the role to work in the IT department, while Hadeel worked in corporate communication. In addition to the working hours they were granted all in the departments, they were also granted a one hour lecture each day concerning work ethics, writing memos, and how to present effective presentations.
The mini internship lasted for one week, from the 9th of April to the 13th of April. When the students reached the end of the program they were required to give a presentation detailing their experience in the Rawabi Company. After the presentations, Mrs. Nada Badgaish, Internal Communication Officer of Rawabi Company, stated that, "the students representing PMU had the most powerful and technical skills in various aspects needed for the workplace, such as communication skills, technical skills, and problem solving techniques". On reflection of their experience, the students would recommend this opportunity to others in the university as it clarifies future decisions, making it easy to choose the right opportunity. Please note that the exhibit and the mini internship will be held annually. On a final note, the university would like to thank the Rawabi Company for the opportunities offered to students.

Very soon, Rawabi Company will launch its second mini internship. The program offers invaluable workplace experience.
For those interested by this program, kindly contact; Mohammad Khalifa Al-Dossary (MIS) at: or: 055-549-3884