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Speech competition for SABIC program students 2011

Speech competition for SABIC program students:

Under the supervision of the student affairs division, PMU Campus Life organized a speech contest for SABIC program students; 11 students participated in the speech which topic was:

"The Advantages and Disadvantages of Arranged Marriages"
"The Influence of the American Media on the Saudi Youth"

The speech contest program began with the welcoming words of Mr. Ahmed Nuriddin who explained to the participants and audience the rules of the contest.
Both themes seemed to ignite real passion within all the contestants, showcasing great oral communication strengths and abilities, however, most of them chose the first toppic. Each contestant gave a 5 to 7 minute presentation. The judges were Dr. Anil Belvadi (Chairman), Dr. Ali Ghazo (Judge), and Dr. Thomas Corbin (Judge).
Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Omar J. Elmoussa was impressed by the speeches; he also expressed his happiness of hosting SABIC students in PMU. He hoped to keep contact with them while in USA and gave them some useful information about the graduation ceremony that will take place very soon.

While waiting for the final jury decision, SABIC students showed their gratitude for PMU, while their instructors expressed their happiness for teaching them. In spite of the short time they spent here, SABIC students will all have excellent souvenirs. The feedback from SABIC students was that “PMU has been very welcoming and helpful and everything was great.”

For intermediate level, The 1st winner was Soliman Al Harbi, the 2nd Majdi Al Hamdi and the 3rd Hamad Al Hashemi, while in the advanced level, 1st winner was Anas Qari, 2nd Ghassan Saleh and the 3rd Mohammad Al Fawaz, The winners were given IPod Prizes and scientific calculators for all their efforts.