Welcome to Healthcare & Counseling Services
Our space is a place where students can find acceptance, practical help and understanding. Our primary mission is to provide assistance; helping students to succeed academically and in life. As a team we are committed to providing a safe place for student; were they can be herd and empowered to realize there own identity and potential as future leaders.
Our services provide assistance to all students helping them to gain the skill set and insight they need to overcome adversity; and thrive in their learning and life’s little unexpected surprises. The student community are attracted to our department because we care and are committed to understanding their life’s past, help tem to advance in the present and essentially model realistic future expectations.
The department strongly supports central collaboration that serves to strengthen and enrich PMU relations, University wide. We envision a campus where all students are engaged in the development of a strong & vibrant community.

Come and visit us today: we will help you to explore your hopes and fears and help you to find a solution in a confidential environment.