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Academic Advising Policy
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This policy ensures that PMU students’ progress smoothly. Towards graduation, receiving the needed advice and support in the most suitable ways to enhance their academic success with advice from experienced faculty.


Academic advising is an essential element of the educational process. Therefore, PMU requires advisor-student sessions at least once per semester. Students are assigned academic advisors who help them in selecting their course of study and in planning their schedules. This assignment is the responsibility of the college and is maintained by the Office of the Registrar. Advisors also approve students’ schedules each semester, and discuss with each of them any challenges or academic concerns. During registration, the advisor shall review the student Registration Worksheet, approve and sign it, and give her/him the registration Alternate Pin Number for Banner Online registration.

However, students are responsible for selecting their courses, meeting course prerequisites, and adhering to university policies and procedures. The advisor’s role is to assist the student in obtaining a well-balanced education and in interpreting university policies and procedures. Students may also consult faculty, department or program chairs, program coordinators, and deans.Before early registration dates for any semester, the Registrar’s Office in coordination with the academic departments shall update the list of advisors and advisees and issue Alternate Pin Numbers to all undergraduate and advance prep students. Students will proceed to their advisors according to an advising timetable published by the Registrar’s Office. After the academic advising session, students may proceed to registration as per the registration timetable published by the Registrar's Office.

Student with poor academic performance placed on first probation or second probation will not be allowed to register for more than a total of twelve (12) credit/contact hours in a regular semester. They should be advised and strongly encouraged by their advisors to repeat failing courses to increase their GPA and be removed from the probation status.

Some students at risk of academic dismissal might be allowed for a semester of repeat, defined as a semester in which they will only be allowed to repeat courses they have failed. This will be recommended by the advisor in coordination with the Registrar.

Dismissed students with chance for reinstatement may be allowed an exception of registering zero credit-hour courses. Exceptions are given by the advisor and should be approved by the chair of the department and the Office of the Registrar.

Students at risk should be closely monitored by their academic advisor and counseled by the student counselor as needed