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Summer Compensation Policy
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Summer Compensation Policy
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I. E-6
Human Resources
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Summer compensation is paid on the Monthly pay cycle and is included with the faculty member's regular salary.

  1. The duties and responsibilities of faculty members during summer is the same as regular semesters, which includes but not limited to holding office hours, participating in committees, completing tasks assigned by the Director of Summer School, his/her designate and PMU administration. The responsibilities will also include research and community service.
  2. The faculty will also be teaching and should adhere to PMU’s strict policy on quality teaching with all associated responsibilities.
  3. During summer, Faculty members report directly to the Director of the Summer School or his/her designate.
  4. Evening Prorated hours do not apply in summer.
  5. Teaching a minimum of 6 credit hours during summer entitles the faculty member to a minimum of two month basic salary for the duration of the summer semester irrelevant of the duration ( 8 , 6, etc. ). So a faculty member will get the higher number either according to the per credit hour compensation in the table above or the two month basic salary irrelevant of the duration of summer semester.  Faculty teaching lower than 6 credit hours can benefit from this same rule but on a prorated value of their basic salary i.e.  if 6 credits is equivalent to 100% of the basic salary, then 5 credit hours is 83.3% of the basic salary. But again the faculty member is entitled to the higher of the two numbers either from per credit hour compensation in the table or through the minimum of basic salary equation.
  6. This policy is effective starting September 2010 and valid for one year.
Summer Compensation Policy
Category Compensation
PREP Level Courses Faculty Teaching PREP English SR 30,000 for 8 weeks , 8 hours/day
Faculty (Teaching PRPL and PRPM courses) SR 3,000/  hour as per table A
University level Courses PREP faculty (teaching University
SR 3,500/Credit hour
 Instructor SR 3,500/ credit hour
Assistant Professor SR 4,500/ credit hour
Associate Professor SR 4,700/ credit hour
Full Professor SR 5,000/Credit hour
Table A: Compensated Hours for Study Skill and PREP Math During Summer
Study Skills 1 2 hours
Study Skills 2 2 hours
Introductory Algebra 4 hours
Intermediate Algebra 4 hours
Pre-calculus 5 hours