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II – C.27
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The purpose of this policy is to (a) help Preparatory Program students develop effective time management skills and assume responsibility for their actions; (b) to ensure learners attend classes regularly, and (c) to guarantee the accuracy of students’ attendance records.


B.1    There is a significant difference between the behavior of a recent high school leaver joining the Preparatory Program and a college student. Consequently, there is a need for an attendance policy which reflects the needs of Preparatory Program students. These learners are absent more frequently, perhaps because of their inexperience with the demands of university life. Therefore, the aim of this policy is to encourage students to:

B.1.1    take responsibility for their actions

B.1.2    learn to manage their time effectively, and

B.1.3    make rational decisions.

B.2     It is anticipated that the implementation of this policy will make better use of resources in that it will considerably reduce the number of hours devoted to processing excuses, time which could be dedicated to teaching and learning activities and in the best interest of students.

B.3     Attendance Policy

B.3.1   Only the following excuses are accepted for student absences with appropriate documentation:

B.3.1.1   death of an immediate family member

B.3.1.2   prolonged hospitalization

B.3.1.3  chronic illness

B.3.1.4  serious traffic accidents

B.3.2   A record will be kept in an attendance sheet posted on Blackboard of each and every absence and tardy.  Students are responsible for keeping an account of their absences and for attending classes. Students may be withdrawn from the course because of poor attendance.

B.3.3    Instructors will monitor and inform students when they have reached the 5% and 10% absence mark. After a student reaches 15% absences, he/she can be dropped from the course after meeting with the Chair or Associate Chair. Students who are 1-10 minutes late to class will be marked tardy. Three tardies equal a 1-hour absence. Students who are more than 10 minutes late are counted absent for one hour.