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Assessment of Committees and Councils Policy
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Assessment of Committees and Councils Policy
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XII. 5
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This policy is primarily to define the purpose, authority, and responsibilities practiced which will ensure continuous improvement and quality enhancement of PMU’s committees and council. This policy provides an assessment tool to the work of PMU committee and council. This is intended to assist the committees and councils in conducting a self-assessment by setting a process to evaluate the critical topics to consider and facilitating an internal survey to add depth and breadth to the assessment. Committee and council members should consider broader inputs, such as terms of reference and work plans, in addition to their own performance as a Group, when conducting their assessment. 


Self-assessment is a critical annual activity for PMU committees and councils. Self-assessment through self-reflection is an effective method in evaluating the performance of committees and council which then can be reviewed by top management. The tools used ensure unbiased measures to maintain ethical evaluation between members and chairs of committees and councils.

The self-assessment tool contains a questionnaire to assess the committees and councils. In addition, some questions address the responsibilities of the committees and councils as set by University Management.

Each member evaluates the committee/ council performance in relation to critical audit priorities. The tool evaluates the committee and councils overall performance and not individual member’s performance thus providing more freedom for members to evaluate without bias.

The committee members and any other relevant member of the institution are required to complete the priorities questionnaire. 

The outcomes

After compiling the results of completed evaluations, the President and the chairs of the academic and administrative councils should discuss the findings in order to identify appropriate actions to be taken to support the councils and committees to meet their goals.

Weaknesses and gaps identified through this process should be clearly available in the annual reports generated by PMU to ensure transparency and to document the continuous improvement process.