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Faculty & Staff Use of Laptop Policy
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Faculty & Staff Use of Laptop Policy
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Information Technology
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The purpose of the policy is to provide guidelines about the responsibilities of faculty and staff upon issuance of PMU laptop.


The Information Technology resources, and services of Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University are provided for the advancement of the University's educational, research, and service objectives. They are offered primarily to facilitate the University's academic and business purposes.

         Acceptable Use

As a university standard, laptops are provided to faculty and staff as a portable alternative to a desktop computer. Laptops are provided for the purpose of allowing faculty & staff to work outside the university. Laptops are intended to be used merely by the employee and should not be shared with family, friends or others.                                      


The laptop is a property of the University.  It is the employee’s responsibility to use the laptop with care as best they can and to protect the laptop from theft. The employee may not physically alter or make any irreversible changes to the laptop. Upon leaving the University, the employee shall return the laptop to ITD on or before the last day of their work. Faculty and staff should report any problems that occur to the IT-Helpdesk and all repairs shall be handled ONLY or in coordination with ITD.  Any physical damage (i.e. lcd, base, etc.) shall be evaluated and if proven misused, repair cost will be charged to the user.

Lost, Missing or Theft

It is the responsibility of the employee to protect the University property and return the laptop to ITD in a reasonable condition.  Should the laptop be damaged beyond repair, it will be assessed by ITD and charges will be applied to the user or will be handled by PMU.  If the repair was deemed to be NOT cost effective to its current value, a replacement laptop will be provided, In the event that laptop be lost or stolen, it will be reported to the Security Department for proper investigation, then laptop will be replaced, or charges will be applied to the user. 


ITD continuously strive to preserve all files and data on the laptop when performing a repair, but it is ultimately the employee’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their data. In some rare situations, data recovery can prove to be impossible. Hence ITD strongly recommends keeping a backup of all important files.  University information or sensitive data in the laptop should always be safe and protected by faculty and staff. 


PMU laptops are put on a refresh cycle. After a laptop has been in use for four (4) years it will be evaluated and if considered unfit for use, it will be replaced.

Buyout Option, purchasing a laptop or Desktop Currently Issued to the Staff/Faculty

Minimum useful life of the laptop is considered 4 years or more as per the technical evaluation of the machine. Therefore, user need to return laptop to the IT department upon leaving the university. After the use of 4 years, PMU has right but no obligation to give option to the employee to purchase the laptop.

In coordination with Budget and Accounts Department, ITD can assist in facilitating the purchase of machine upon leaving the University.  The buy-out price will be as follows:  

Ø  4 to 5 years old machine – SR 300

Ø  More than 5 years old machine – SR 200

Laptops are sold “as-is”. Machines that are purchased must be wiped of university software by ITD. This ensures that the University maintains license compliance.

Buyout Procedure

Users need to fill out an IT assets form to request a buyout and get approval from their respective department heads before they can go to the IT department and the finance department director to complete the process. 


IT Policies are applicable to all employees (faculty, administrators, and staff) and any others who are extended the privilege of using IT resources and services for the purpose of achieving the educational objectives of PMU and its students. All such persons accessing and using IT resources and services are subject to the applicable provisions of the University Statutes, University Code of Conduct, and Handbook for Administrators, Student Handbooks, and all other policies and procedures established by administrative offices of PMU.