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This document details the position titles at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. It aims to ensure consistency in the application of position titles across the University, and that the title accurately reflects the role. All new position titles outside of this document have to be approved through HR.


B.1. Principles Applying to Nomenclature

        1. A job title for a position is determined after the position has been evaluated and located within PMU’s job level/grade structure.

        2. The process of determining job titles is an integral component of the evaluation and classification of positions.

        3. Titles will:

a. Identify the position in a way which is accurate, clear and recognizable;

b. Indicate the function and main purpose of the position;

c. Indicate the relative level of the position within the University’s organization structure and the level of strategic accountability held by the position;

d. Be applied consistently across the University to ensure uniform use of titles;

B.2. Classification of Jobs

        (please see attachment- Classification of Jobs)

B.3. Application of the Principles

        For all new executive, senior management, professional and administrative positions:

All current job titles that are inconsistent with these principles will not be changed whilst the employee is in the role, with the following exceptions:

        1. Due to promotion, retirement or resignation of the employee there is a change in the employee’s role;

        2. There is a change in the role due to a change in structure and a revised position description is required to be evaluated, even if

the current employee retains the revised role;

        3. When current positions are formally reviewed and re-evaluated;

        4. Employees were appointed and notified that the position title was to be reviewed.

B.4. HR Functions & Approvals

In exceptional circumstances, there may be a need for flexibility with regard to the relationship between reporting lines and position functions.

        1. President

            1.1 Salary Offer

            1.2 Employment

            1.3 Appointment

            1.4 Renewal

            1.5 Termination Decisions

        2. Director, Human Resources

            2.1 Assessment & Evaluation Recommendation

            2.2 Staff Assessment Recommendation

            2.3 Transfer Recommendation

            2.4 Disciplinary Actions Approval

B.5. Reporting, Responsibilities, Grade/Step

Each position correlates a reporting line and level of responsibilities, with salary grade/step depending on the job classification.

  1. Administrative Positions Grade/Step (please see attachment- Admin Grade Step)

Classifications are diversified as:

  1. Leadership
  2. Higher Management
  3. Middle Management
  4. Lower Management
  1.  Specialized & Technical Positions (please see attachment- Specialized Grade Step)

Classifications are diversified as:

  1. Specialized
  2. Higher Technical
  3. Lower Technical