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XII. 6
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To explain the rules that pertain to issuing and using Stamps by the University Departments.


Stamps are used by the different University Departments to authenticate letters and certificates that relate to the University business. These Stamps are to be carefully issued and used responsibly.

The following are steps and procedures that govern the issuance of Stamps and use by the University Departments:

1. Any Department that needs to have its own Stamp is to submit a request to the Office of the University President for approval.

2. After the approval of the University President, the concerned Department coordinates with the Department of Government Affairs in the Office of the University President, to issue the Stamp in accordance with the rules and standards of the University.

3. After issuing the Stamp, it is to be handed over to a specific person in the Department, and this person will be fully responsible for keeping it.

4. The Department of Government Affairs in the Office of the University President is responsible for following up on the use of Stamps by all Departments to ensure that they are used in a way that does not conflict with the policies and procedures of the University.

5. If an existing Stamp is to be replaced by another one the concerned Department is to handover the Stamp to the to the Department of Government affairs in the University President Office and a new Stamp is to be issued.

6. If a Stamp is lost then the Department is to inform the Department of Government Affairs is to take the required action.