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To explain the procedures and documents required for the transfer of the sponsorship of Foreign Students from their current sponsors to the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University sponsorship.


An International students enrolled at Prince Muhammad bin Fahd University and has a residence permit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of another sponsor, and his residence permit will be cancelled and he will be asked to leave the country for any reason such as : the parent will leave the Kingdom ,  The company will cancel the residence of the student under its sponsorship, then the  student can submit a request to transfer his authorized residence from the current sponsor (such as the company, parents or any other sponsor) to the University’s sponsorship in order to continue studying at the University.

According to the policy of the Scholarships and Financial Aid Department, PMU will not receive a sponsorship transfer or visa request from PMU students who have a cumulative GPA of less than 2.5 or received a decision to be re-enrolled or    re-admitted to The University.

Procedure :

The following documents are to be prepared and submitted when applying for a sponsorship transfer:

1. A copy of the student's passport, which must be valid for a period of no less than one year, and the required pages containing the student's name, date of birth, and the passport's expiry date.

2. A copy of the student's current residence ID.

3. Fill out the form "Pledge of Financial Guarantee" to bear the costs of the student's study at the University.

4. A copy of the financial sponsor's passport or Saudi national ID.

5. The international student is required to submit the financial document that demonstrates the ability of the financial sponsor to bear the student’s study and living expenses during the period of his stay in the Kingdom to study, provided that the following conditions are met:

a.      The student must submit a “bank guarantee” issued by a bank from inside the Kingdom addressed to Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd University and contains an amount of 58 thousand Saudi riyals (15,466 US dollars), valid for five years (for Bachelor Degree and Doctoral Degree students), and for three years (for Master Degree students).

6. A letter of approval from the student’s guardian to transfer the residence permit to the University’s sponsorship in order to complete the study at the University. (for undergraduate students only)

7. Fill out the form "Foreign Students Undertaking"

8. If the current sponsor of the applicant is a "person", a copy of his passport or a copy of the resident's ID must be submitted.

9. If the current sponsor of the applicant is a "company", a copy of the company's commercial registration must be submitted.

10. "To Whom It May Concern" certificate in Arabic as an official extract from the Registration Department at the University stating the student's academic status.

11. A document explaining the reason for submitting the request for transferring the student's sponsorship to the University, for example (an official letter of termination of service for the student's current sponsor) in addition to submitting a copy of the residence of the current sponsor upon its cancellation and prior to his departure from the country.


1. The university has the right to accept some or all of the documents mentioned above, or to request other documents not mentioned here, depending on the student's status.

2. Any fees related to the transfer of the iqama will be paid by the student.

3. The student will bear all costs related to the renewal of the iqama, health insurance and any other costs.

4. Fill out the electronic "Request to transfer residence to the university's Sponsorship" and submit the required documents according to the timetable specified for that.

5. Contact the Scholarships and Financial Aid Department by email for any inquiries related to this application.