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Job Training Pre-Placement Policy
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Job Training Pre-Placement Policy
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I. E-8
Human Resources
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The purpose of this policy is to define the objectives, duration, eligibility, and guidelines of the Job Pre-Placement opportunity provided to PMU students post-graduation.


1. Job Pre-Placement training offers PMU graduated students with the opportunity to gain real-life exposure to industries of their choice. This will allow students to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired through coursework, interact with professionals, and improve their professionalism, writing, and communication skills. Job Pre-Placement is frequently a gateway for full time job placement.


Enrolling in the Job Pre-Placement program will allow graduated students to:

2.1.    Apply problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills in the workplace.

2.2.    Obtain networking opportunities.

2.3.    Make more informed upcoming career choices based on real-life work exposure.


3.1.    The duration of the Job Pre-Placement will vary from applicant to applicant, ranging from a period of eight weeks to thirty-two weeks.  In case the duration of the Job Pre-Placement needs to be extended, the student would require a pre-written approval from PMU.


4.1.    The student applicant must be a PMU graduate.


5.1.    The Job Pre-Placement Committee, composed of Human Resources and Student Affairs, is responsible for ensuring the Job Pre-Placement process is effective.

5.1.1.At the inauguration of each academic term, a list of candidates will be submitted to the committee for approval.

5.2.    The committee will aid in organizing the Job Pre-Placement opportunities for graduated students. The students are encouraged to search for Job Pre-Placement opportunities aligned to their specific fields interests.

5.3.    In line with PMU’s Job Pre-Placement to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship, PMU will support students working on their own ventures in lieu of industry volunteer work if these are formally approved by the committee.

5.4.    Students who are qualified and/or are required to undergo the Job Pre-Placement must fill the Job Pre-Placement registration form.

5.5.    Students must complete the minimum duration of the Job Pre-Placement as specified above.

6.       Expectations from Trainees

6.1.    Job Pre-Placements are exceptional opportunities for graduated students to receive Pre-Placement offers from industries of interest. Therefore, students must take their training with seriousness, perform diligently, and demonstrate responsibility and maturity.

6.2.    PMU expects that all trainees adhere to proper standards of intellectual property and professional decency in their conduct.

6.3.    Trainees are advised not to do anything which may portray a negative impression of PMU. Trainees that disregard any of the standards are liable for disciplinary action that might disqualify him/her from the opportunity.

6.4.    The trainees should abide by the dress code and other professional norms of both PMU and the workplace.

6.5.    Punctuality is a quality that is appreciated by professionals across all industries.

6.6.    Any act of non-cooperation with PMU and/or misconduct or acts of dishonesty are liable to withdrawal of the Job Pre-Placement at PMU’s sole and absolute discretion.

6.7.    Trainees must abide by policies and norms of PMU during the period of the Job Pre-Placement.

6.8.    PMU has the right to terminate students from the Job Pre-Placement at any time due to inappropriate conduct and/or non-cooperation with the Job Pre-Placement process and/or continued low quality performance in assignments.

6.9.    If a student gets a placement offer (PO) from an outside organization, he/she will be required to notify his/her current supervisor and handover any in progress work/assignments with a status update officially.