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Staff Self-Development by Attending University Educational Policy
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Staff Self-Development by Attending University Educational Policy
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I. E-9
Human Resources
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The University encourages staff to develop their knowledge and skills. Methods that can be used are:

  • Part time University Education
  • Participating in continuing education programs, e.g. short training courses.

This self-development must not prevent the staff from performing the dutiesof his position.
To be eligible for the support of the University the staff must fulfil the criteria described in the procedures and he must complete one year of service at PMU.


Procedure :
  • Approval of Registration:

    • Staff must produce evidence that he is registered as a part time student in a university accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.
    • Staff must have approval from the Director of Human Resources that his registered at is accredited.
    • A copy of evidence of approval of HR must be kept in the staff file.
  • Request for Leave for University Examination:

    • The request for leave for university examination must be filled in and bears the recommendation of the department Directors. A copy of the examination schedule must be attached.
    • Request forms must be submitted to HR Department at least two weeks before the commencement date of the requested leave.
    • Staff must show academic transcript showing results of previous semesters, attached to the leave request form.
  • Entitlements:

    • Staff fulfilling all the requirements and sitting for the examination for first time will be entitled for leave days equal to the number of examination days with a maximum of two weeks. The first week will be leave with pay and the second week will be leave without pay.
    • Staff fulfilling all the requirements and sitting for examination for the second time (examination) will be entitled for leave without pay for the duration of the examination and maximum of two weeks.
    • If a staff is sitting for examination that may include examination in some courses that are taken for the second time then he will be entitled for the same entitlement as for the staff sitting for examinations for first time as described article (3.1).