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Travel & Subsistence Allowance Policy
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Travel & Subsistence Allowance Policy
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Financial Affairs
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  • This policy sets out the guidelines and procedures for incurring expenses and their reimbursement for staff and faculty.
  • The University deems permissible those expenses related to business travel that are reasonable and necessary to conduct University business. Permissible expenses include:
    • car rental, taxi & other transportation costs (excluding air travel);
    • hotels;
    • meals; and
    • Telephone/fax and incidental expenses.

  • The staff or faculty request for per diem should be signed and approved by their Department Head.
  • The approved request will be forwarded by the Department Head to the Budget and Accounting Department for processing and calculation.
  • The approved calculation for travel & subsistence expenses by the Director for Financial Affairs will be submitted to PMU Rector for final approval.
  1. The University has two types of daily allowance, local and  international, based on the following guidelines:
    Destination Guidelines
    Local Basic salary x 5% x No of days or SR 750.00, whichever is lower. Bahrain is considered as Local.
    International Basic salary x 10% x No of days or the amount stated below, whichever is lower:
    Destinition Maximum Amount per SR
    Europe 1,500.00
    North America 1,500.00
    South America 1,500.00
    Asian 1,500.00
    Gulf Countries Excluding Bahrain 1,500.00
    Australia 1,500.00
    1. The daily allowance for faculty or staff travelling to countries not covered in the above mentioned location are subject to evaluation by the Director of Financial Affairs.
    2. The staff or faculty is entitled only for a 50% reimbursement if the hotel booking was made by the University.
  2. Staff and Faculty are entitled to daily allowances for only 30 days and 45 days a year respectively, effective 1st day of January.
  3. The Budget & Accounting Department is responsible for monitoring the daily allowances given to each staff and faculty. Schedule or the monitoring should be attached to each per diem request.
  4. Payment for per diem should be made only upon receipt of the calculation with approval of the PMU Rector.
  5. The PMU Rector’s daily allowance is excluded from the above mentioned limitations.