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To ensure that all the PMU staff and Faculty are properly paid based on their approved salary, other benefits and attendance report.


Faculty members are paid every 21st of the month and the staffs are paid every 25th of the month.

Procedure :
  1. Create a new file of payroll for the staff and faculty for the current month.
  2. Effect the adjustment on the payroll for the month on the following items:
    • Effect the recommended deductions submitted by the HR Department for lateness or tardiness at least 2 days before the pay day schedule based on the attendance report from the attendance system.
    • Effect the deductions for leave without pay.
    • Eliminate the staff or faculty from the payroll summary upon receipt of the request to hold the salary due to resignations and or vacations. Budget & Accounting will not be held liable for the employee who resigned without prior notice and still received their salary due to non-submission of the supporting documents to withhold their salary.
    • Addition of the new staff and or faculty on the payroll should be made only after receiving the start date form and the employment offer from the HR Department signed by the authorized signatories.
    • Staff and or faculty returning from their vacation will be added only on the payroll upon receipt of the Return to Work form from HR Department signed by the authorized signatories.
    • Effect the deductions for the staff and faculty who have received cash advances based on the approved terms of deduction.
  3. Print the payroll summary report of the staff and faculty per cost center for review by the Director of Financial Affairs, HR Head and Departmental Heads.
  4. Prepare a summary report of staff and faculty who will receive their salary through checks, transfer to Samba Account, transfer to other bank accounts and wire transfer.
  5. Forward the summary of check and wire transfer preparations to the person in-charge for preparing the checks and the transfer.
  6. Prepare a letter to the bank to debit PMU bank account for the total amount of transfer for staff and faculty salary payments.
  7. Submit the payroll reports, checks and wire transfers to PMU Rector for signature and approval.
  8. Prepare the corresponding journal entries of the salary for the month and forward to the Director of Financial Affairs for review and approval.